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s. experernce the sleep number difference. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at"washington weekly". president obama is set to address the nation tomorrow morning to discuss the budget crisis.
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tonight, the president and congressional leaders met at the white house is trying to come up with an agreement on how to keep the country from defaulting on its bills. the government will run out of money on august 2. >> the president and congressional leaders met for 75 minutes trying to work out a deal on the deficit. the president was asked if they could get done in 10 days. >> we hope so. >> that may be difficult after the house speaker walked away from the beginnings of a grand bargain. the president and speaker john boehner showed interest in a $4 trillion budget deal that included tax reform entitlement reform and deficit reduction. an enormous steel that some hoped would resolve the debt ceiling crisis. >> we have an extraordinarily rare opportunity to move forward in a way that make sure our government lives within its means. >> before them some meeting on sunday, it .
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appeared boehner was ready to make a deal. but the speaker wants a smaller deal. republican leader and the senate says the big deal is off the table. >> i am for the biggest deal possible, but we are not going to raise taxes in this horrible economic situation. >> the treasury secretary warned that some sort of deal must get done. >> creditors around the world have said that if congress does not act by august 2. they will downgrade our credit, the first time in history. if that happens, you will see catastrophic damage across the american and global economies. >> president obama reiterated to leaders on sunday that he is willing to make tough choices on entitlements. the talks resume monday. i sat down earlier with politico's reporter to speak
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about this issue. thanks for joining us tonight, manu. the two sides met. what came of it? >> not a lot. they agreed to talk more. they are no closer to a deal. the president still wants the biggest deal possible. something that he wanted a $4 trillion worth of cuts and deficit cut. that is what john boehner said saturday night he could not agree to because the white house was still insisting on tax revenue as part of the overall package. it seems the white house is still insisting on that. the republican leadership is not . tomorrow they will meet and look at the smaller level of cuts that were negotiated by the vice-president joe biden, his group that met for several weeks trying to come up with the deal unsuccessfully. >> the president planning to hold a news conference. is this nationwide or just for media? >> nationwide.
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he wants to lay out the stakes at play. if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2 the treasury department leads that this could lead to a worldwide economic calamity. this deficit reduction package needs to be tied to the increased in the debt ceiling. you want republican support to get it to congress. >> both sides being stubborn for their own reasons. who is looking better? >> it is hard to say. if you're a democrat you say that republicans are blocking tax -- cordoning off tax loopholes for corporate interests. if you are a republican, you are saying democrats want to increase taxes on small businesses as a way to pay down the debt. both are simplistic arguments to voters. that is what each side is trying to frame going forward.
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of course, the 180 pound elephant in the room -- >> elephant inthe the room. >> is entitlement reform. medicare and social security. that is what nancy pelosi said should not be part of these talks. the president was starting to agr 6ee toee to some entitlement cuts, which angered folks on the left. >> tomorrow when the president's speech to the country, who is he trying to appease? is he tried to get public opinion on his side? or is this informational? >> it is all about playing to centrist independent voters, folks critical to his election. he wants to be seen as the adults in the room, the adult in
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washington when the two parties are squabbling. he is coming up with a rational solution. of course, republicans will say he has come late to the negotiating table. here we are a few weeks away from potential economic disaster. and we are still nowhere near an agreement . >> a lot of politics at play, but a lot of important things at stake. we will be watching. thanks. this tuesday montgomery county is supposed to vote on a partial smoking ban. it would forbid smokers from lighting up and common areas of apartment complexes and multifamily homes. private playgrounds may be included. enforcing a regulation will cost the county $11,000 per year. montgomery county already banned smoking in workplaces and restaurants. this thursday, sprinkles cupcakes is sponsoring its first congressional cupcake wars in georgetown. the event will pit seven teams
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of congressional staffers for best bakers in congress. the judges include patrick gavain. in. $10,000 will be donated to fischer house in honor of the participants. a major honor will be given at the white house. we will tell you about it. >> a new virginia law is giving bikers' a break, but is a compromising their safety? >> read for heat? heat index around 100. [ mr. connally ] i was paying too mngh with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. asit was like you were trapped
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taking a look at the week ahead. casey anthony will be released from jail one week from tonight. the florida woman was to be let go of this wednesday but that they got pushed back to the 17. she was given a four year sentence for lying to police but it includes time served and good behavior. she was acquitted of murdering her daughter last week. this tuesday, sergeant first class leory petry will become the second living at medal of honor recipient. he lost his right hand after throwing an armed grenade away from his soldiers in afghanistan. the president will give him the award this tuesday for conspicuous gallantry.
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on friday, salt lake city will play host to the nation's governors. the national governors' association will hold its annual meeting from friday-sunday. the contras will focus on education, fostering innovation, and increasing international competitiveness. a new virginia law went into effect. it lets people on two wheels drive through red lights with a few restrictions. >> what are we talking about? what we do? we are waiting for a car to pull up behind us. >> a new law for those on two wheels will keep her from getting created to get through a red light because her moped does not weigh enough to trigger the center. >> have to make all right on read and do a u-turn and make another right. >> the new law allows anyone on a motorcycle, bicycle, or moped to roll into a red light when
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there is no oncoming traffic. >> that is exciting, because i understand why it can be hazardous, but there are times when there are no cars and we are sitting there waiting aimlessly. that is good to know. >> a small victory in a constant battle between those on bicycles and those behind the wheel. >> the main problem is when they cannot make up their mind, whether they are in traffic or on the sidewalk. >> the main concern with the new rule, drivers feel is putting the brakes on safety. >> it is a terrible idea. i would never wander into traffic on foot. on a bicycle you are moving fast. people break the laws anyway. oenne less ticket the police have to worry about. >> should an accident occur the blame would be on the biker. still to come on "washington weekly", the special technology on board the space shuttle
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"atlantis." plus steve ruden is
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91 degrees for our high temperature at reagan national. the record this 105 in 1936. we could be looking at a record- breaking heat on tuesday. mainly clear at the airport this hour. winds at 9 miles per hour. alexandria 78 degrees. a high of 95 earlier today.
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wtop radio at 78. our final stop to pittsburgh, 77 degrees. the heat and humidity building up to the west of us. look at st. louis, 92 degrees. dewpoint levels on the rise. the more uncomfortable error message arrives tomorrow and will stick around until tuesday. cooler air arrives at the end of the week. the pink is heat warnings. index warnings at 115. the closest advisory is ohio. for us, code orange. take it easy as you head of doors tomorrow afternoon. the cold front of to the north and west. the weather maker on tuesday. the beach forecast is looking good. 85 tomorrow. 86 on tuesday with a chance of
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thunderstorms. the next 48 hours will show a slight chance of a few showers popping up across the shenandoah valley tomorrow afternoon. not expecting much. the immediate metro area should remained dry. tuesday, the cold front will sweep across the mid-atlantic. the drier air overrides by tuesday into friday . upper 60's to mid 70's. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, more clout by afternoon. the heat index will approach the 100 degree mark. on tuesday amid 90's. on wednesday, an early morning sprinkle and the drier air arrives by thursday and friday. temperatures into the mid 80's. it will feel more comfortable outside. head on over. our weather blogs, and you can follow storms in your neighborhood -- not tonight but
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maybe on tuesday using interactive radar. >> this has become more of a common occurrence. cell phones are ringing at the wrong time. >> it's match point for the number 1 women's player in the world. [cell phone rings] >> i'm looking round the clock. rowd. >> her upon it runs for the net for a fault. everyone is looking around at each other to see who it was. >> the match must go on. >> do you want to get that? >> just ask hugh jackman. >> get your phone. >> he kept his cool. as you see in this video
11:54 pm
obtained by tmz. this is more than we can say for the teacher bruce student had to take the call. >> [laughter] give me the phone. >> or the former white house press secretary. [rings] [laughter] >> you too? >> tina brown look like she wanted to throw dirt on live television. -- throw heres ons on live television. >> cell phones have become part of cable news. >> at least dan rather turned his off. barney frank keeps talking. neither he nor his cell phone has a mute button. still to come, the unique
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muscles. >> on the fifth day of this shuttle mission crews at goddard space flight center will jump into action. the space walking astronauts will begin an experiment. >> a few weeks later the dexter robot will pick it up and transported and house of permanently on a different part of the space station. >> this is the replica of the $22 million robotic refueling mission technology or rrm. >> we intend to develop the technology that will allow the other hundreds and hundreds of satellites to be serviced. >> experts say the purpose of the rrm is to develop technology to refuel satellites in orbit even if they are not designed for refueling. ben reed says oftentimes the sensors on any of the 400 satellites are healthy, but when they run out of fuel, satellites become space junk.
11:59 pm
>> we are trying to break that paradigm that allows companies to continue their revenue stream by having their satellites operate longer. >> he says nasa has no plans to get into the long-term business of refueling, but this technology could be replicated. allowing nasa and private industry to keep the satellites working. full testing will begin later this year and continue for the next two years on the space station. leon harris, abc 7

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